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So I decided to go over to dreamwidth, and will be cross-posting things to both journals.
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Her back is healing nicely, and the feline acne has cleared up. She only has one more dose of antibiotics. They also gave her the usual round of shots so that we don't have to go back next month. Since she's now a senior kitty, her next appointment is in January.

However, she has a lipoma on her neck. They did a needle biopsy and determined that the lipoma is most likely benign.

She's currently napping under the coffee table. She seems to like it there. It's dark, but she can still keep an eye on me. I should probably put a cushion over there for her.
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They look vaguely hipsterish. Not sure I'm happy about that.

New Glasses


Jun. 13th, 2011 12:56 am
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1. I can't sleep.

2. I think I figured out how to deal with the transition to

3. I think I will take a break from the French group starting in August. Now I just have to break that to the other organizer and the group.

4. I don't think Bella likes the fan. She tends not to sleep on my bed when it's running. Or maybe she just prefers stalking things downstairs.

5. Revising a novel is hard.
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So... For the last six years or so [ profile] twilight_spirit (a.k.a. Tim) has been hosting I recently registered and done a redirect for and am planning on transferring to that domain since it will have pretty good search value. Normally, I think this might not be that bad except...

I've started noticing that for some reason, my WordPress installation doesn't seem to like doing what I tell it to. There are certain customizations I can't implement, and I can't upload a custom background image or header image (or any other media, for that matter). I suspect that fixing these issues is going to take some... okay a lot of work, though, and unfortunately Tim is going to be the one doing it unless...

Every once in a while, I go and muck about at I just recently created a new account there for the exquisite corpse project I'm doing. I'm considering switching to them for my blog/website hosting and exporting all my old posts and pages to there. This idea has some pros and cons.

The Pros:
- Less work for Tim
- Someone else in charge of making sure the WordPress installation is running properly
- Feeding my control freak tendencies
- I can still do all of my planned redirects and preserve all that search engine capital
- This will fix a certain stubborn API issue I keep running into. (Don't ask.)
- Alleviates guilt about mooching off of way-too-nice ex.

The Cons
- People would have to resubscribe to a new RSS feed
- There'd be ads, even with some of the paid options.
- Custom themes are a higher level option.

Sigh. I am annoyed. I really wish I knew computers better sometimes.

ETA: Perhaps I should just drive out to Doylestown sometime in July, figure out how to set up the new install, and bribe Tim with Jules's...
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Two worrying/annoying things:

  • A rock hit my windshield as I went under an overpass. This is going to be a pain in the ass. Must call dealer tomorrow.

  • Bella has been scratching her face *a lot*. Not sure what's up with that. Feel free to play armchair vet.

On a more positive note, I visited a wine store in MD and picked up several bottles, plus some Woodchuck Amber. And visiting K&E was lots of fun.
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You know, I don't think my book will pass the Bechdel test.
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Okay, I clearly need a plan for my revisions, because I do better with plans. Otherwise I think I'm going to have a panic attack.
  1. Finish adding/fixing scenes that are easy to do and for which I have a clear idea.

    • Rewriting ending.

    • Figure out where to insert the Pierre scenes. Add necessary transitions.

    • Revise first 'sex scene' (which may or may not actually be a sex scene).

    • Car chase/license plate scene.

    • Write Colin's date scene

  2. Check out posts linked to from here:

  • Print out novel and outline, synopsis, and style guide/cheat sheet at Staples. Use drilled paper.

  • Pick up other supplies: spiral notebook, pens in 4 colors, post its, index cards.

  • Read through novel w/out line editing. Mark the following:

    1. inconsistencies

    2. places where the main plot and subplots can be developed

      • romantic

      • violent

      • leadership of pack, impact on work life

    3. places where character development is possible

      • Matt

      • Eric

      • Madeleine

      • Colin

      • Paul

    4. places where more background can be woven in

    5. places that need more description

  • Make the marked changes.

  • Re-print the novel, etc.

  • Read aloud for style. Mark changes

  • Make the marked changes.

  • Send to beta readers.
  • Summer?

    Apr. 25th, 2011 08:19 pm
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    I think we skipped over spring. Either way, I dewinterized my legs.
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    Ow ow grumble grumble ow grumble whine whine ow whine.
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    weight over about 3 years.
    weight over about 3 years.

    It's rather depressing, actually.
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    My blood sugar is high. I need to lose weight and I need to start exercising.
    My vitamin D levels were the lowest the doc had ever seen. I need to take a prescription vitamin D supplement. I probably also need to increase my calcium intake.

    I am a (self-made) mess.
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    I went to the doctor yesterday. Bella is at the vet today. She needs to get a urinalysis. One conclusion that applies to both of us is that we've hit milestones in age (30 for me, 7 for her), and we both need to lose weight.
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    I need to drop 20-30 lbs.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
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    So I'm debating getting an iMac and setting it up in the living room instead of getting another laptop. Your thoughts?

    Also, then where would I put the TV? Also also, what about my DVD player (which is hacked to be region free, so I can watch things from France on it)?

    So complicated.

    Busy busy

    Feb. 24th, 2011 11:30 pm
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    The last few days have been incredibly busy. I kind of want to slow down and have a good think, but that won't happen for a while yet. Ah well.
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    Is there much of a difference? It seems hard to tell in the pictures. (You can look at the "pre" picture a few entries down.

    Again, ignore the big nose. Also the tiny eyes. *sigh*

    Photo 4
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    [Poll #1708001]

    Note: The management reserves the right to completely ignore everything you say.
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    What's the first thing you noticed about me when we met? Be honest.

    Also, feeling like a meme is not like feeling like a nut.


    Feb. 18th, 2011 06:22 pm
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    Today we experimented with threading. My eyebrows look all kempt now. This is very unusual. I kind of like them, though, so perhaps I'll keep them kempt. We'll see. I make no promises.

    Threading does in fact hurt, but so does waxing. It's like waxing without the wax, or speed tweezing.

    And there are no pictures today because the iSight on my home laptop is broken. Maybe you'll get pics on Tuesday.

    Bella does not care about this at all. (In some ways it's nice. She loves me no matter what I look like.)


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